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Welcome to Mount Shasta Light Publishing~ New CD Now Available!




Telos ~ Temple Journey Meditations

NEW! 2CD Set $25

Introductory Offer:  $21 (til May 1st)


Guided meditations offering an experience with the Ascended Masters and the temples of the Seven Sacred Flames written about in The Telos Book Series and The Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia Louise Jones.

This version allows the listener to comfortably immerse him/herself in their journey with less words, more space for reflection and contemplation, using only excerpts from the written meditations, giving one the opportunity to go deeper.  Healing occurs on all levels. This is an opportunity to create time for yourself and connect with the Ascended Masters, your inner guides, angels and your Divine Wisdom, the I AM Presence. May you enjoy the experience!

Executive Producer: Adama
Producer: Dorothea Joyce

Original music: Inner Earth © 2013  Composer: Dorothea Joyce
Recording Engineer and Studio: Sahadev BlueSkiesUnlimited

Music arranger and light/sound frequencies engineer:
Lumin White /Transformations: FMR© CD Mastering.

Voice: Victoria Lee, Mount Shasta Light Publishing


 SPRING SALE! 15% Discount on all books by Aurelia Louise Jones until May 31st.

Not Included:  The Telos Book Package and The Seven Sacred Flames Package

SALE also applies to other books as indicated. 






If you've read Aurelia's books you may want to join us for one of the Initiatic Journeys® in Mount Shasta.

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  SAVE  $10!



Telos Volume 1, 2 and 3 

Regular Price $56



 Seven Sacred Flames Book and Companion Booklets  

The Prayer Booklet and The Ascenscion Booklet

Regular Price $53



Las Siete Llamas Sagradas and Companion Booklets 

Oraciones de las Siete Llamas Sagradas

La Llama de la Ascdension de Purificacion e Inmortalidad

Regular Price $38



*  Reprinted and a New Look!


Angelo's Message
Angelo, the Angel Cat speaks to All People on this Planet

We've reprinted and "upgraded" our beloved little booklet to a little book!



 In Celebration of Aurelia Louise Jones please click on the following link:




2014 Initiatic Journeys in Mount Shasta!

  ~Expanding Your Heart – Your Love Frequency~


 More information forthcoming in the weeks ahead.

Mark your calendar and join us in Mount Shasta!


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Spring Schedule 2014

 Seven Sacred Flames Journey   April 27  – May 4     $800


Summer Schedule 2014

 July 27  August 2   Week long Initiatic Journey   $650

August 3 -9    Week long Initiatic Journey   $650

August 23 – 30     Seven Sacred Flames Journey     $800

  Reconnect with your Lemurian Heart Family!



The Telos Books by Aurelia Louise Jones gives you insight about the special qualities and energies of the Lemurian Heart. Come and share with your Lemurian Brothers and Sisters in the Heart of Lemuria. Open and celebrate your expanded Heart -Your Love Frequency! The new expanded YOU!

If you feel the call of the mountain, join us! For more information click here:  The Lemurian Connection



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The Seven Sacred Flames a beautifully bound hard cover source book offering messages from the Ascended Masters, guidance, prayers, meditations and more to enrich your journey and understanding of the Ascension process. Truly a remarkable book!

Each chapter focuses on a specific Master and Flame. Enriching meditations to the Temples are heart-opening and expanding. The Great Jade Temple in Telos is one example. 

Telos - Discover the Lemurian Heart-One-Heart

  • Telos is an ancient City of Light created by Lemurians who survived the catastrophic events of some 12,000 years ago. Telos thrives today beneath the magnificent and mystical  Mount Shasta, in Mount Shasta, CA,  part of the vast undergorund Agartha network. Adama, the High Priest of Telos, shares profound teachings and insights through the channelings of Aurelia Louise Jones. These inspirational and heart opening messages are life-changing in nature and expand our awareness of higher levels of consciousness, and assist us in our transformation and Ascension process. It's time to wake-up and become the Light we truly are! Telos and all Light Beings are here to support us on our journey back to ourselves. Learn more about Telos and the fifth dimensional quality of life in the Telos Book Series, Volume 1, 2 and 3.

Read more about Telos and Lemuria

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