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Blessings to ALL Life


Happy Holidays ~

from MSLPublishing and The Lemurian Connection!

May you be filled with the Spirit of The Lemurian Heart~One~Heart and find Magic and Wonder in each moment as we flow into another amazing year, 2019!

The golden nuggets of wisdom throughout The Telos Book Series and The Seven Sacred Flames are a constant opportunity to create and inspire us to connect with the largeness of who we truly are, to expand and explore the “the ALL of this embodiment” in every given moment. Letting go of self judgement and truly embracing the meaning of Compassion for ourselves and others is a springboard to even greater conscious awareness and can only lead to greater fulfillment even in the smallest of activities, recognizing the Magic of Possibility and Potential in each moment.

Experiencing the Largeness of Who We Truly Are connects us with that inner space of quiet where we can relish the peace and openness of the vastness of Life. We can then begin to allow room for our own Divine Voice of Truth to come forward, supporting us as we journey through this amazing adventure. The evolution of Inspiration and Conscious Creation form effortlessly and we emerge with greater belief in ourselves and a more confident knowing of our surroundings and how much support we continue to be given.

The messages are timeless and ageless, with layers of meaning to take in and absorb. Ultimately, these messages are our stepping stones, nuggets and nudges of support bringing us back to Ourselves to find our own exalted voice within. We can consciously move into a greater experience of Who We Are, coming to the understanding that we are Perfect and Whole as we are. We are already that which we are seeking.

So much to contemplate!

All best wishes for greater insight and understanding in 2019, The books, cards and CD will be on sale through January 15, 2019. 

Victoria Lee
Mount Shasta Light Publishing
Telos~The Lemurian Connection